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Mr Rivecca was a man who helped people in his life that had less than him. I saw witnessed many times when he would buy a person of lesser fortune a meal and never look for a thank you. For that, he became the victim of Mr. P.B. Who tried to blackmail this gentleman with illegal and immoral favours in order to grease the way to obtain a liquor license. When Mr. Rivecca Declined and reported him,this despicable snake of a public servant did his worst. Such are Politics in Downtown Utica.
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I'm Here,,,,, I am Coshina
[+] Darryl J Humphrey on PEOPLE v. HUMPHREY
What date was this judgment made?
[+] Marcella Holloman on HOLLOMAN v. MOSBY
This is Marcella Holloman . The narrative that you have about what I said is the police narrative . I have not submitted my papers yet . Those court papers that the court prefer yo used is the police narrative. Straight lie all day long . This took me 9 years . They change that law to block us from getting justice My poltricks is all in it together. What the new HBO series We Own This City that is our reality.
Mr. Owens represented my husband in a criminal case about the same time he represented this JD woman. I questioned his ability to represent my husband more than once. So, who do I contact to look into his representation of my husband to see how of his rights were violated? Not only were his rights violated, but several of his civil rights were violated during the arrest itself, if Mr. Owens would have taken the time to look at the discovery or go over it with my husband, or even been willing to listen, he would have seen this. We have a video of the arrest, that Mr. Owens wasn't the least bit interested in seeing.
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Herbert j Drew's had no communication skills at this time due to a seriously bad head injury from a car accident so he had no knowledge of his mother's actions. The case was not his mother's business to bring this case to court st all when she did not have good relations with Herbert at the time of the marriage and had I business bringing this case as it was further unnecessary hurt to Sue under terrible circumstance in their marriage and in both of the couple lived. it is a shameful thing that Lorraine Drew's did to add all of this unnecessary stress of a lawsuit onto Due considering the horrible stress she was under from the whole terrible ordeal. Herbert had no communication skills and did not recognize his wife Sue it his family or anyone that we know of at the time. who do you think you are zLorrsine Drew's to dever touch a person's marriage and think you could make a serious personal decision bout something you don't know anything Bout.
[+] Eleanor Lamere on CITY OF GREAT FALLS v. LAMERE
No due process in this case my attorney Dean Koffler lied to Judge Bolstad also I'm a Montana State employees I'm a Expert Witness for Indian Child welfare I'm a Expert in Child abuse and neglect. I didn't get a jury trial. No due process. Law enforcement in Montana and my reservation Obstructed justice by not letting me appear in court. I got deported to Rockyboy reservation. A tribe is a nation on a nation. Plus what about ICWA? Social workers threatened me with a drug. Case and investigation
[+] Eleanor Lamere on CITY OF GREAT FALLS v. LAMERE
I didn't get a jury trial I'm a Expert Witness for Montana State ICWA. I'm a Expert in Child abuse and neglect. Also in domestic violence. I was Deported to Rockyboy Reservation. A nation in a nation. Also Law enforcement obstructed Justice by not letting me appear in court While throwing me in jail all over Montana.. Discrimination and I'm a Federal Agent for Blackfeet Nation. I'm a federal social worker and officer of the court.
How do the state of Florida comment fraud and no one goes to jail or not discipline these cases are clear signs of fraud all over the board violation of due process fraudulent acts and no one has went to jail can somebody please reveal how are they getting away with you
Im seeking an attorney! I have 3 workers comp claims against Helmsman Management.One claim for a lower back injury that I have future medical on and Helmsman management is denying everything the doctor oeders when I have a flare up!The second claim is for a complete tear of my bicep tendon in which Helmsman management sent me paperwork to sign saying that it is only a strain and any further injury to that part of my arm would be considered a new injury.I received a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon and he said it was obvious that I have a complete tear of my bicep tendon shown on an MRI.By the time the second opinion was given the orthopedic surgeon said it would have been a simple fix in the beginning,but now it would be major surgery because the muscle has reattached to the bone.Now I have permenant pain and damage to my arm.The third claim is for a rash that I received on my face on 01/24/2022.I work in the hazmat at Costco and have been there for approximately 20 years.
We have the supplemenal report and it's incorrect she questioned us both and children in camera and she was in my home and never looked for any calls or reports of us or my panick alarm because Johnny run between the houses and say Scarry things and kitchen motion alarm would go off and then I taped the ceiling they try pull it up we were going leave to a shelter and Arthur served me papers for visits and I filed a restraining order . I called Irene Chavez Gonzalez because she was nice and kind and I thought she cared about us and my kids . We lived on 808 wm 4th always had food and we had 2000.00 when they took them in snap it was not even getting my household like all others but we had a lot of food . Arthur broke in and then the next day they passed and cussed at Joey and that night I went to Arthur's tell them stop because police do nothing ever to this day I have them on camera at my home they are after me and police did nothing . I asked him stop he cussed at me and I shot in air
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review of court cases
and let me add that Stanley Burkhardt testified against the city in this case. And i don't see anyone reporting on that. really who would believe anything he has to say on this matter as a convicted child rapist
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Dorthy Clifton died May of 2021. If her estate is eligible for a claim in this situation please email or mail me a claim form. Thank you, Dottie Burke
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hey iam mario ochaya once worked for soc-smg in iraq helping the united states military in iraq iwas also under paid how can i get helped so that ijoin this case?
I am at a point where I am beside myself because I have repeatedly reached out to your webmaster to remove the content of mosunic vs nestle prepared foods. I provided the court order that the case is sealed and I consulted with an attorney and the fact that you are refusing to remove this content about a sealed case is illegal and we will be taking immediately legal action if you do not immediately remove this content. This is the last warning that I am documenting to your webmaster
[+] williams Larryel on WILLIAMS v. STATE
How do a person get prosecuted with a state of Florida failed to meet the elements to the Florida statute one two there's no such laws attempted burglary how is that in the United States Constitution up on the prr 3 how did I go to trial in the state fair to do depositions before a trial and my attorney they did depositions over the phone how do you file 18 documents and all of them are dismissed when they are state in straight facts of law and every document is the truth with notification notarized with certificate of services all documents was denied how and under what laws are you'll operate under every love that could have been broke has been broken in my case run the trial back on tape the cases of fraudulent case the physical evidence doesn't match the affidavit which makes it a fraudulent affidavit which is a violation of Florida statute 92525 penalties of perjury how did my case get prosecuted.
[+] williams Larryel on WILLIAMS v. STATE
A case cannot be prosecuted that fails to meet the elements because it cannot get a fair due process this is law I don't know what laws y'all are up under and what laws you all are operating under but attempt to burglary is not law and I demand somebody to show me this in black and white
I use to work for Lyneer on Albertoni st in Carson CA and I remembered that the blue line was not working due to construction where the job site was at so I would have to catch the bus all the way from Hawthorne California to Carson California and I would call the lady before I would come in to work and she would tell me yes u have work today come work today so when it takes me 2 hours on the bus and walking and when I get there she would tell me I have to go home and she has her workers already and she did me like this 3 times in a row and she did not give us our breaks or our lunch breaks on time, they never paid me for them days because by state law I should of got a half day for free by coming up there wasting my time, I'm so happy that there's a law suit against them, cause they treated black people wrong at Lyneer
Thanks cause they call me at least 4 times a day and how much will we receive
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I am trying to reach Rick Chew.
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Ivan lendyl was her man
[+] Ari Ari Perez on UNITED STATES v. ESPINOZA
Bc green party bc canada member politician
[+] Elysea Simonin on KENNEDY v. COUNTY OF SOLANO
My daughter was in a stroller at the edge of the crosswalk when this happened. Once this law suit was filed officially I have been experiencing excessive force and harassment from the Vallejo police and the sheriffs department along with community members.
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He used to live around the corner from me when I was a kid.