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[+] arlene callender on SMITH v. COLVIN
birmingham case
It was all about money. Why keep an old tenured, advanced teacher who earned $65,000 when the school system can hire a young teacher at $35,000 in programs sponsored by the federal government?
[+] Gregg L. Friedman MD on COHEN v. LANSBURGH
Interesting article. Thanks for publishing it.
[+] Susan Blood on SCOTT v. FORCHT BANK, NA
I have recently lost at Appellate Court level in KY due to the apparent precedential influence of this decision. Please provide number of times and cases involving this horrible precedent.
[+] Wilbert Holmes on HOLMES v. BALLARD
THIS "ALLEGATIONS ASSERT" (see below) SHOULD NOT HAVE OCCURED. MY COMPLAINT WAS CLEARLY AND ONLY FOR THE TORT LAW "IIED" INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS... BROKEN. THE RULING IS OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG! __________________________________________ Although titled as a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress, the allegations assert a civil cause of action for alienation of affections and criminal conversation
[+] Thomas Daly on DOUBEK v. CITY OF RENO
Is there a similar report for the criminal case (misdemeanor manslaughter)?
[+] Kathy cooper on MD. DEP'T v. WERNER
My monetary money that you owe me is based off my 2019 information unemployment removed from my claimant portal. I have a copy of that information. They cut me off in 12/2020 without proof why only stating an overpayment which I disputed and appealed with no response for a court date. Filling out findings correspondence with fraudulent they typed in. Not my responses and then shutting/locking me out of my account enabling me to call in weekly claims. Open now for what. They told me I was eligible for UI and PUI. Re-opened case by doing what I was told to do, giving information they requested from me which they received, but being locked out I was not able to respond to correspondence, now it seems too late because of their fradulent doings. I want all my from 2019 which qualified for everything. The information in portal and information answers in facting is not true nor is answers on facting sheets is true again not my answers.
[+] I hate Junkies on UNITED STATES v. BRYSON
This guy molested kids too. He is a freak. He only avoided the registry by snitching on other people who he sold drugs to. He'll do the same to you if given the chance. Keep him away from your kids if he ever gets out!!!!
My complaint lawsuit is for IIED not Alienation of .... The court should not have described it as Alienation of .....
THIS "ASSERT" SHOULD NOT HAVE OCCURED. MY COMPLAINT WAS CLEARLY AND ONLY FOR THE TORT LAW "IIED" INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS... BROKEN. THE RULING IS OUTRAGEOUSLY WRONG! Although titled as a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress, the allegations assert a civil cause of action for alienation of affections and criminal conversation.
[+] Marvyn Murdock on MURDOCK v. HOLDER
By that time, I got tired of waiting.
[+] alandro leevoy dimry on PEOPLE v. DIMRY
carlos dewayne dimry is the father of "alandro leevoy dimry" he is a seminole native american., his tribe is located in oklahoma. he is not african american. lonnie leevoy dimry is alandro leevoy dimry's alledged alias. im requesting a romero motion to be granted on my behalf. i successfully discharged parole for the aformention alleged crime.
Let my dad go please I was going to see him and then something happened to my mom He’s getting old and I know john wayde is a year older than my brother so I think it is his senior year and I want my dad to see that I just I just idk it would be cool to see him
How can I get my name on this? My Nissan is having trans troubles since July 0f 2021. I really need this fixed before I get killed by the trans suddenly shutting down when I get off the freeway and someone running into me! This has happened at least three times. Today 10-3-2021 I was towed back from San Bernardino to Monrovia. I am old and need to get to my doctor appointments. I need help with this!
I am not to suppose to understand any of the above. I just want to let anyone connected to Petsmart, my honest opinion in how my visits are and how not seeing eye to eye with a Doctor is bad for the precious dog or cat and especially the owner(s) I got involved with Panama City's Petamart and really paying attention until was to late late for me and my dogs. I know how it feels to see a real Veterinarian. My experience with Panama's Petsmart--is uncomfortable to me and my two little guys. Looking back (to late for me now and for my Tag) Petsmart in Panama City doesn't keep their Vet's. I had my little Tag cremated at Panama City's Petsmart and when i got his ashes back i was upset as I wanted his paw print and didn't get it and then my message on the cedar box was not correct and the wrong words were ingraved in large letters on what was suposed to fit on a certain place on the cedar box with Tag's ashes. The words were so large that putting it on my Cedar box was sloppy and uncaring
I haven't been able to call or mail anything to Cape Atlantic Landowners in New Smyrna Beach, as I own land in Edgewater. My mail is always returned and the phone No. won't let me leave a message. Are they still in business for our million dollar insurance policy??? I can't get a hold of ANYONE??? I sent a check for my $50.00 on 7/8/21 thank you Linda
[+] beatriz flores silva on PEOPLE v. GONZALEZ
Please, could you tell me where can I find the sentence of that case. I'm researching on that case because Mr. GONzalez was transfert to Uruguay and both Uruguayan attorneys (district and defendant's) need to see the original sentence. Thank you very much. Beatriz Flores Silva
[+] A on STATE v. DUGAN
This was me. I was that child. He held me at gun point and tried to rape me. I set in court for over a year, missing my 8th grade year basically because I was back and fourth in court. Because I was black, he was given a slap on the wrist and a year. I live this nightmare everyday of my life. I had no idea he was on parole back then. I found out in the most horrifying way! A friend of mine, another teen girl, was dating him and we were walking to her house after school. She opens her door, and sitting on her couch was DAVID DUGAN. So not only did he learn nothing, violated parole by dating another child, a few years after that, he killed my childhood best friend. Rashad Taylor, the sweetest, kindest, soul you would ever meet. So this person should never be allowed outside of prison walls. He has ruined too many lives.
[+] Tony Saffell on PEOPLE v. RAMIREZ
Yeah it’s called Karma! This is my ex’s little gang banger boyfriend , he was busting out my windshields and killed someone at my daughters home
[+] Barton’s Construction on PEOPLE v. WEHRY
As a construction business owner, I can verify with John Pederson that the way we hire new talent is indeed to phone someone at a public library, to tell anyone who is interested that a young man will call them, and send them an address to come to after eleven o’clock at night, and to walk straight into the bedroom to leave a note. It’s very often we will relay the message, “if you see construction, you’re on the right track.” It’s how it’s done in our industry. It’s not just Scott Pederson who recruits in this professional manner. Thanks, -yours truly, Barton’s Construction We’re right on the corner!
[+] Jerard Patrick Norgren on STATE v. NORGREN
The fact of the matter is the jury found me guilty of a class b simple kidnapping, a lesser included offense. Why was I charged with a class A felony to brgin with? The state over charged me. The judge allowed the state to go forward with that class a charge when the elements were clearly not there. The statute reads knowingly confine with a purpose to terrorize and voluntarily release without serious bodily injury. There was no serious bodily injury and she was released unharmed. An event that took all of 5 minutes and with no weapon and went about a 1/4 mile. Those are the facts. My contention on appeal was that if the judge had followed the law, and it started as a class B simple kidnapping, The jury would have found me guilty of unlawful confinement, a misdemeaner. So I did 4 1/2 years for that? So you tell me N.H. Supreme Court if I wasn't damaged by that erronious ruling. The 3 misdemeanors were trumped up by Goffstown police for me talking to her several nights prior. Fact.
[+] Randi Pinkerton on NELKEN v. NELKEN
Leonard Nelken was my stepfather. I lived with them for ten years growing up. This ruling was a travesty.
[+] Scott Hinrichs on UNITED STATES v. TURNER
Shawn cope is a lying ass fag
Its just wrong when government is not held accountable for there wrong doings . I just keeps getting worse . Constitutional violations by government , it needs to be stopped