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[+] David Pepper on RILEY v. JONES
This is wrong. The reason the guy stop shooting, was he ran out of bullets. He shot two bullets in the office one in Neil , one in me and two in Pete after he asked if he was dead yet. The good news is he got to life Sentences without the possibility of parole. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.
I have a 2017 Forester that has the battery issue also. I was once getting gas and left the key in (so the lights were on) and the heat was on low. In the time it took to fill the tank the battery died. I had to jump start my battery at the gas station. Is there any further info on this case and any known fix yet? Thank you, Cheryl Bixby Tualatin Oregon
I want to know why is Jack Combs still in jail for a murder he did not commit? Without any evidence? The corrupt lying detective Marty Devlin has been accused of lying on several black men that recently got out of jail for murder they didn't commit so why is Jack Combs still in jail? I just want a answer
[+] Mark Jeffrey Mode on STATE v. GILLIAM
Has Donald Theo Gilliam served any Prison time? He scammed me out of over $30,000 plus wages in 2013. He got me in Debt with Credit Cards. I had to file Bankruptcy. I have a Court Judgment against him.
[+] Tracy Ross on PEOPLE v. ROSS
I am the daughter of late Dennis Ross. How do I obtain transcripts of the above trial?
Would like a simple explanation why the funds from the litigation Black Farmers were not disbursed.
[+] Lisa baldwin on PEOPLE v. MILES
This case just sickens me the only tjing miles should have been theft of his pants from woods she didnt plan anything conspire with anylne to steal.rob beat or murder anybody period she had been there and was welcolm there before she had left her belogings there with woods and trusted him until he could pay her or until he scored some coke borney went in on his own and was acting out his own plan she left the apartment any girl in her situation would have she grabbed the pants thinking the guy that rented the apartment would help him she didnt know the phyco had a gun or he was just going to keep beating the guy even when he pants wasnt right there he should have put two and two together which he didnt which shows that miles hadnt. Planned it with him . I sure if questioned the guy who had the apartmen t. would have said when they couldnt find his pants that Borney was hitting him alot harder and then had hit him with a bottle that was the difference between hitting somebody and beatin
Why was he released from a gun charge on federal probation? Why was did you have to prove it was him when he admitted it was him ? Where did he’s gun charge go? Where did his assault charge go? Why stop at him and not get a bigger fish? Why expose the jury to crimes he did not get found guilty off? Where did the money come from because it does not say who gave it to him. Why is the head agent fired for falsifying evidence? Why?
[+] Ken Roebel on ROEBEL v. VAMPOLA
Knowing we never used wet wipes and knowing Jim Vampola would have found wet wipes in the tank from garage apartment. I worked in sewage plants in and know if the dangers of wet wipes and would never allow flushing them in a septic tank. That tells me his character as a creep, liar and immoral human being and justifies himself because he is a Morman. That says a lot about him and the Morman Church that I will never forget.
Are the advisors affected like us and will our assets be recovered fully when the investigation is completed?
[+] felicia lolley on LOLLEY v. LOLLEY
needing to read over decision
[+] Joe Nyomozo on VAVILOVA v. RIMOCZI
While "immigration" matters are in the Federal purview, divorce, support and other "domestic" related matter belongs to lower courts. In addition the suit brought here by the "plaintiff" is of vindictive nature. In this case the marriage lasted less than 4 years and the 'plaintiff' refused to obtain citizenship (at least 2 times). Why? Because the quoted INS provision does not apply to citizens. Simply put the plaintiff attempted to game the system and in fact it was a scheme to defraud. In addition the plaintiff wanted to file 'forma pauperis' however just a year earlier she walked away from the divorce with roughly 40K in cash, goods and services. It should be added that 'immigration" guarantees she quotes have been added by INS and likely unenforceable just like forcing someone to remain married would be. INS refuses to strip someone of their "green card" although it should be an option in Federal law! (opinion). I agree with other comments. GOLD DIGGERS SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED!
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
1-800-852-6363 my little cousin Christopher Sicilia lawyer attorney James Matthews Vancouver Washington discovered rcw7109 attorney general order reversal because judgment and sentencing is not the guilty plea yet superintendent was arrested sentenced to prison my rape case got berried 90-1-00252-0 letters by both girls never feared for life no gun and doctors report not rape dismissed with prejudice $40ty million unlawfully imprison entrap celiac disease , $600 million in damages Portland plating corp /
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
CIA/FBI can straight arrest over a defaulted after this lawyer David lee Kell own language yes corp lawyer david lee Kell used making safeguards so i would have the first bid on my dads 10% building yet in Portland Oregon probate case : 070290170 under oath to court clerk they only owed less than $5,000 cash didnt need a judge are both Lawyer Davived lee Kell and Client Ross Sicilia jr is Ross Cililia withholding $350,000.00 cash yelling had no money to buy building is conspiracy with public evidence ID : 500151552 give state prosecutor authority in similar cases using discover Oregon State Treasurer this account makes automictic a lawyer are paid for to the Oregon state Bar to represent unclaimed ID: 500151552 russ leininger polishing and plating Ross Cililia $350,000.00 cash to Russell Charles Leininger .
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
Jeffery Allen Johnson who ran out of gas, went looking for gas and found $30,000 worth of weed -whom mom Myrna Johnson Custer WA post master with Blaine WA Police could open 90-1-00252-0 just told me after sentencing these people showed up in Myrna Johnson yard ,same people acting of Mafia in her community -who had mike Turman Kidnapped by GUN , beat up by gun, stole his mom's boat, took mike into the ocean and threatened to drown Mike in Blaine Wa - I was in JDH and sheriff threat to beat me if RCL didn't make up a grow operation , '' so I made one up and this sheriff, who is a republican senator, hit that house and found nothing gave him Myrna Johnson neighbors my ''name, started it all.
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
Clackamas County Oregon sheriff hesitated shotting me on my front porch in front of my child '' Jacob Boffoli a special child under ADA protection '' over me asking chris sicilia about my property Portland plating corp worth $10 million dollars on paper - being video by Portland Police after prosecutor told Chris sicilia to go f himself hesitated shotting me on my front porch being video kidnapped me anyways made me get naked been it over look at the but whole then drive me back to Portland Oregon dropping me off in county jail i was released to my wife with No paper work.
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
Superior Court Pierce County explain to these people @ western state Hospital RCW 7105 vs. David sicilia they cannot be using my family treat which is Christopher sicilia great grandpa been elected Prince of Poland was living in Vancouver Washington is buried in Vancouver Washington as Prince of Poland and my family had passports made up for me and my sister giving us there in Heritage in the passport it pacifically reads Russell Charles Leininger Prince of Poland. For all I know this is the king of Germany may been who i new as prince of Poland and you people are being prejudice
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
Norman Jack Leininger ran away joining the Foreign Legions who kidnapped and beat all information out of Norman jack Leininger sold him back to my grandpa Norman and Janet Leininger-Norman Jack Leininger telling me the only reason why i own it all is because RLF Russell Frank Leininger prince of Poland impulse started stabbing to death a innocent black man -stabbing him dead in the back waiting for his pregnant girlfriend who biker BOB was escorting from franklin high school walked into dead black man-Corp lawyer Dad ray paid chief of police money cover murder up and now pregnant girlfriend wants nothing further to do with RFL married Alice Ann Leininger prince of Poland (eight) years no children paid a breeder prince Chet Vojta Czech Republic who wife had cancer so they talked Portland Oregon 18 year old Judy lee Holliman in sex with Chet so RFL could have white children-Dr. Sherman delivered Russell Charles Leininger prince of Poland. Norman Leininger told me.
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
my bill of rights been violated this lawyer making up i was mentally ill at guilty plea with no doctor reprts is assaulting me making up abnormalilty -are they jewish Attorney(s) appearing for the Case Counsel for Petitioner(s), Washington Appellate Project, Attorney at Law, 1511 Third Avenue, Suite 701, Seattle, WA, 98101. Vanessa Mi-jo Lee, Attorney at Law, 1511 3rd Ave Ste 701, Seattle, WA, 98101-3647.
[+] russ charles Leininger on STATE v. LEININGER
Chris Sicilia 1-800-852-6363 Masic Industries great grandpa King of Germany’’ elected ‘’prince of Poland’’ and now all you Jewish lawyers are acting out evil. Jon Ostlund from Poland writing out the guilty plea statement without talking to me is threating me to plead guilty to a understanding (3) strikes your out'' can happen by pleading guilty to count 2 with a understand both count !&# first degee kidnapping will be dissmissed is acting like a terrorist by making me plead guilty to information violating my bill of rights when all victims never showed up at trial. Attorney(s) appearing for the Case No. 60717-1-I. Counsel for Petitioner(s), Washington Appellate Project, Attorney at Law, (206) 587-2711 address 1511 Third Avenue, Suite 701, Seattle, WA, 98101 Vanessa Mi-jo Lee, Attorney was hired only to represent I was mentally ill at guilty plea filing without any evidence just making it up refusing to exhibit 90-1-00252-0 guilty plea information violates my Bill of Rights a
Where I can contact the Law firm who drives this Lawsuit? I worked with this Company from 1999, but due to a low back Injury,, due to my medical condition I has been under medical treatment and receiving time-loss from L&I State Insurance i forced to stop in 2001 due to the injury. I know Mr. Isaias Ramirez and Mr. Mario Hernandez, unfortunately when they summit the Lawsuit against to Presicion Drywall, I went in Mexico in 2007 and nobody told me anything... I returned to Seattle, in 2009, but I didn't know it about the claim.. someone told me that any witness could be part of the Lawsuit and the company paid some compensation to every employee.. and that someone collected my share in my absence, I can also testify who was an accomplice of the owners of the presidency, who were given envelopes with cash from which not a single penny was distributed to us... I can sue the person who Was it our foreman at the time? I would like to know if I can proceed with a Civil lawsuit against
State of Florida has committed fraudulent acts againstt me.
March 1, 2022 t appears changes in my comment and information left completely out. Therefore alternating vadility and making my comment less meaningful. I will write my owe story for others . I like to share my personal experience in my story, "Purchasing An Apartment Building Full Of Lead", for many buyers and sellers can benifit from it. Respectfully submitted, Tonia Flowers
[+] Richard Reynolds on HEATHCOE v. STATE
Michael David Heathcoe is a child sex offender. He molested his own children. I know for a fact. I am the brother of the children he molested and forced himself upon. He belongs in a box. Not on the streets.
Checking on life policy taken out while in National Guard.