About Leagle, Inc. And Our Content

Leagle, Inc. is a leading provider of copies of primary caselaw from all Federal courts and all State higher courts. Our collection is up to date within 24 hours of release of opinions from the courts and is also complete historically for all time for Federal courts and back to 1950 for state appellate and supreme courts. We add Slip Opinions daily, and Advance Sheets and Bound Volume copies as they become available. Our materials are fully copyrighted by Leagle, Inc.

Our policy is to post court decision text exactly as it appears in released court documents. Note that cases marked “Do Not Publish” or similarly, by the courts, indicate the decision is not to be used as legal precedent, however the decision is still available for public access.

Decisions designated “sealed”, are not removed from the appellate record. The Court is directing its own personnel, normally the Clerk of the Court, to no longer make that decision available to the public through the court. While it will no longer be available at the Court’s counter and will no longer be available electronically through the Court’s system, “sealing” a document does not remove the opinion from the appellate record

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We also publish a limited number of secondary works, covering legal topics that are driven by current events or focus on a particular area of law. These can be found in the Leagle EyeView(TM), Blogs and Products, and Leagle Aid sections of our website.

For more information about our content, content licensing, and content management services, please contact us at info@leagle.com.