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[+] kareem devenish on CBS, INC. v. AUBURN PLASTICS, INC.
This case in my opinion I will sat that the plaintiff is wrong for the simple fact that he didn't follow the agreements that was discuss between both parties. The agreement stated specifically to when sample parts could be submitted, when shipment could commence, and stated that "Unless accepted within 15 days from date, this proposal is not binding except at our option, and In consideration of the engineering services necessary in the designing of molds and tools, the customer hereby agrees to pay Auburn Plastics, Inc., an additional charge of thirty per cent above the quoted price of sale molds and tools when and if the customer demands delivery thereof.
My father was Barthel Charles Asaro, who died Dec 22, 1996. He was a member of this association. I received a letter from Thomas H. Berth from Varnum dated 11/29/2012, and I responded with details. It looks like this matter was resolved, but I never heard another thing about it. It looks like my father was entitled to a settlement. Please let me know if he was, and when a distribution will be coming.
I was also assaulted by this same officer ambrose and tried to file a law suit jafter being released from the hospital and no lawyer would except my case because he said his body camera shut off during the incident and was in handcuffs while he kneed and punched me in the head
This case showed how absolutely abhorrent an organization can be.... Despite a ruling that the company satisfied its obligations, the plaintiff filed appeal after appeal for the sole purpose of bankrupting the defendant company's newly widowed woman, who they knew had no background in finance or ownership. Remove this if you wish, but this case bankrupted my grandmother even though the initial decisions were in her favor. That was done purposefully, as they knew a woman who cannot pay is one who cannot afford a lawyer to fight the case. Soulless, disgusting, and against the decency of humanity. So much for "fighting for the right".
[+] Lois Marie Brockington on STATE v. BROCKINGTON
That's my step dad,and I'm not taking up for him,but the man had a knife and wip ed it off under the car and put it in his pants as he was known for pulling out a blade on people.....and this is from Sheri Adams.....who is now a crack head cause she couldn't deal with DA fact that she sent a man to jail for life over something she really didn't see by her own admission...
The person who killed my father sucks.
[+] Michael f voss on VOSS v. STATE
I was told by a lawyer just recently that he's too small a farm to go against the state for the six years I served over what I could have been legally sentenced to. Very seriously considering contacting the Florida action committee out of Lake Monroe Florida
[+] Darren Chaker on WALLIS v. CENTENNIAL INS. CO., INC.
Great case on Cumis counsel and duty to defend.
[+] David on U.S. v. MasMARQUES
Spain is the most corrupt country in the EU and now the way things have been going there it is considered a "Banana Republic". Spaniards mostly get a slap on the wrist, while foreigners get screwed royally. Corruption is so pronounced in Spain that they try to act like they up to EU's standards but should never have been let in to the EU to begin with. Spaniards bite the hand that feeds them, as they really hate the foreign tourists and Americans but love their money. You can't trust a Spaniard as far as you can throw them. Spanish Lawyers have a piece of paper saying they are a Lawyer but what people don't realize is that Spaniards with connections get their degrees without doing anything. Just the right connections. Lawyers and Judges in Spain are pathetically ignorant, mean towards foreigners and just plain stupid. Who cares about the nice weather and beaches in Spain if the entire country is just a cesspool of corruption.
[+] Rolando Goris on STATE v. GORIS
Good day...My name is Rolando Goris...I was unlawfully convicted of these convictions being 100%innocent...At the start of the trial for the allegedly carryibg a pistol without a license...the prosecuter 's first words were..."Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,this case has to do with the attempted murder of a police officer"...The first witness to testify was a Sgt.kenedy,whom under oath testified thst he fun the pistol on me,when IN REALITY,the police report to the case,states that another officer named Luis SanLucas was the officer who found the pistol on me...In REALITY,Sgt.Kenedy's name was'nt even in the information package and police reports to the entire case...They comitted the crimes...Judge Krause also,for he allowing the prosecutional misconduct...I forgive them all...and sad to say that I ended up being deported andso I've been in the Dominican Republic jungles hiding in depression since 1999...and with no family...I seek help to overturn...
[+] Carolyn on PEOPLE v. FAYSOM
This was not a fear trail. The judge was very angry about some black young boy just hurt one of his close family members and told everyone in court. And karen told so many different story. Necole mom was in school for being a lawyer. Also necole was running the street by herself at first because her mom was never home. Just her mom boyfriend which she had a relationship with. Yes it wrong to kill someone but he was under 21 when it happened and drug. All of them was doing drugs. I think he should be released by now. The judge was up for election that year
[+] Carol Hoernke on STATE v. SCHAAF
It's unbelievable to think that his murder conviction would be set aside because the Nevada Statute doesn't state that Attempt Murder must include the threat of violence. He FREAKING SHOT me, TWICE, and shot at my then-10-year old son. If you shoot someone twice (once in the chest at point blank range and once in the back), shooting at me continually for three entire minutes and reloading multiple times, I think that qualifies as violent. WTF? Thank God he was killed while trying to escape. He can never terrorize and mentally destroy anyone else, ever again.
This judge was previously a law clerk to Judge John A. Reed Jr. She conspired with the judge to delay hearing my ADEA, Title VII and other claims and eventually brought the downfall of the judge (deceased). She then being a counsel representing defendants AT&T along with Peter W. Zinober filed a false jurisdictional statement telling the 11th Circuit that it has jurisdiction to hear the case, although the second judge at Tampa issued an Order dismissing the case as "WITHOUT PREJUDICE" which was altered by the Clerk of the Courton his own and the 11th Circuit was persuaded to accept the case although it lacked jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U.S.C.1291 to consider an interlocutory order and which AFFIRMED though lacking jurisdiction. The issue raised before the U.S. Supreme Court in case No.15-9100 was dismissed because the apex court felt that my motion to proceed in forma pauperis if "frivolous" and "malicious" because I attached Judge Conway and the NY courts.sEE david VS AT&T PART 7
[+] Lisa on STATE v. BETTS
This is a very sad story I knew Sandra her children well also some of the perpetrators. I was very young then now that I have read this I understand what the details were . I have always thought of the two children of hers that I was close with I hope they are doing well. It scares me to think I was so close to this at such a young age
[+] Deborah Kay Behrens on PEOPLE v. BEHRENS
Deborah Behrens was not under the influence of a substance drug on the day officer eugene kim took deborah by a chockhold and pulled her out of her truck by her head.. Then officer kim eugene threw her forcefully on the ground and with his body he jumped on top of me rubbing me up and down feeling me out. He forced his head on mine and said Deborah your a true blond. I was violated by a stalking officer who has mental issues who is danger to the public. I also have another time that i was arrested where my probation officer fred fontes sent his friend elizabeth who was in charge of the gang unit in costa mesa to arrest me at my work. I had finished my probation time.. So i had no fear of being arrested. Probation officer Fred Fontes had told me after a 6 moths of false imprisonment time i served that he had extended my probation. He said he can go over the judges minutes because he also is a officer who can. During that arrest my blood was drawn. 1 arrest was no influence
We never received our paperwork or our money back. We had paid Mr. Tiefenthaler to handle an adoption for us. We had paid him $250.00. He did nothing. He even gave us false court dates. My husband was adopting my two boys from a previous marriage. We sought legal counsel elsewhere.
[+] Marshall on KARST v. U.S.
I am the pro se litigant that crafted this 2255 for Karst. The Court is perhaps inad ertently miscomprehending Karst's argument. 1. The pleading in a criminal case under Rule 12 Fed. R. Crim. P. is an indictment and it must be signed, Becker v. Montgomery, supra, and cannot be redacted unless redacted before it is returned, for obvious reasons. Rule 49.1 Fed. R. Crim. P. exempt charging instruments from redaction. Second, the grand jury vote must appear on the docket as a sealed notation. The Clerk must note it on the docket via Rule 55 Fed. R. Crim. P. Third, where is the transcript of the Judge's verification of the grand jury vote in accord with the Court Reporter Act. All sessions of the court are attended by a Court Reporter. Shawn has been deceived out of his Fifth Amendment rights like so many others. You can waive any rights if you are not officially charged. Shame! Marshall
[+] Pamela C. Templeton on SMELSCER v. SMELSCER
This was a pretty horrible thing to live through.Did you know that the Grandparents only wanted the grand children for spite and that all the allegations that they were alleging were lies.Kenneth died with A.i.d.s. and he was not much more than a skeleton when the Smelscers took him to go file for the divorce against his wife while hooked up to a pick line throwing up continuously and serious crypto- spiritium, at 86 lbs. When the divorce was brought on ,the parents of Kenneth were leaving Pam in the hospital to take care of Kenneth 24 hrs 7 days a week .When Pam finally came home she was walking her babies and came home to see police and the sheriffs dept.sorounding her home and C.P.S investagaters also. After all the investigations into the case C.P. S.would not only move to drop all charges but would also go to Court in her defence because itvwas all lies. l know because l am her .
An order for relief in this case favored the creditors correct? Thx
[+] Monty Hanson on PARASCO v. PACIFIC INDEM. CO.
Anthony Parasco defrauded my grandmother of a property in Houston Texas, we had no financial means to pursue him across states. I am glad he was finally caught and Inhope he was convicted and is currently residing in a penitentiary.
Jack Garrett Was My Dad. He Was Lost At Sea On The Foster Parker... 12-6-1969
Even being a convicted felon how can they justify giving this guy 28 yr sentence from selling 15 pills? I know of people who have done far more worse things and are not even in jail. The system is unjust to a lot of people who are serving long sentences for drug related crimes. Robert Spears time should be over and done. The justice system is very unjust.
[+] Bernadette McIntyre on PATEL v. STATE
Roy E. McIntyre is My Father!! He should never get out. My father never had a chance to meet my children his grandchildren, or his great grandchildren! Patel murdered my daddy! He destroyed so many of our lives! Now his life can ROT!!
[+] Caylee on PEOPLE v. BROWN
Be strong Cody Love You