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[+] Linda Villerot on PEOPLE v. GALVAN
He has no right to be able to be released. He gave my grand daughter a life sentence and he deserves to rot in prison. I will never see her grow up into a beautiful woman and I will never know if I would have had great grandchildren as beautiful as she was. He and that evil psychopath he called his wife took away a precious gift and we are missing out on the person she would have become. i miss you my baby girl. Rest in heavenly peace at the feet of our Lord saviour!
Dr. Fellman is a killer he killed my mother. This man should not be practicing anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[+] Andrew Jonethan Quevedo on U.S. v. QUEVEDO
Fausto Renato Quevedo is my father and he didnt do anything. Some years back they took his papers away, let him out plz i miss him
[+] Michael W. Reddaway on ANGERMAN v. OHIO STATE MEDICAL BD.
The fact he was allowed to continue to practice anywhere, and remain a free man is barbaric.
[+] robert jackson sparkman on SPARKMAN v. PHILLIPS
WOW have always wondered what happen to that house.
[+] Oscar J. Peña on STATE v. GONZALES
clear, concise, instructive, useful!
[+] Cassandra Axson on AXSON v. REYNOLDS
Review what I sent you after Dec 2, 2016 I filed asking for the court to order an judgement immediately, I proved they lied about not getting service, No benefits in July 2016, No Administrative Procedure Act following.In the Indiana Code 4-1-10-1 it’s a felony to release my Social Security number.I asked Deb Leonard why after time had expired why I have to file a motion for Summary Judgement and a Motion to Dismiss when it hasn’t been ordered from the Federal Judge Rudy Lozano?I in open court was only allowed to say that my rights are still being violated, I can only use the Main library’s Law section This is why I believe I won’t get a fair hearing here at Northern District Court, I was accused of not stating my claim properly.I said in open court today, I didn’t always get the proper law books available to me, Dec 2011 when Deb’s Moser Andy came to review for himself the repealed 18 U.S.C. A. 3771 Victim Rights Act.When it wasn’t repealed, it took someone four months before I went t
[+] Kali on U.S. v. ZHAO
He was sentenced to 5-10 years in December ..... wow I can't believe that happened
Ms. Taylor, you are an Angel, a Hero... Ah, what suffering one endures for doing the right thing...we need more people like you and the thing is to grossly paraphrase: the real shame is that bad stuff can only triumph when good folks do nothing... we love you, Ms. Taylor and pray for you always. Would be grateful if you could go work on Staten Island and help those in the Bronx suffering too. Get in touch if you can; if not, just know that we r fighting the good fight too; we are invested. For Jonathan Carey, For Paula Liblick, Rasheen Rose, R. Weisenberg and so many others in the Bronx Zoo Group home and on Staten Island and other obscure, unrevealed "willowbrooks" we must be the voice for the voiceless. Thank you and to the avocats who bat for Justice, don't stop. Reach out!
[+] Kali on U.S. v. ZHAO
The worst part is the victim was one of his own fans
This didn't happen because of Your Race G. David Moss it happen because YOU ARE RACIEST!!!
[+] Jan Bohrer on ATKINS v. BOHRER
Please note that Atkins dismissed his remaining slander suit when he was deposed and could not provide any proof that Bohrer slandered him to any of the people he named in this suit. Instead, he said in effect, it is what he thinks she would have said. Bohrer was going to file a Federal Rule 11 after this deposition which prompted Atkins to dismiss his IMG_1707.PNG Also to note, Atkins was forced to return the house in Stockbridge back to the Bohrer estate as a judge and jury found the deed to Atkins was not signed by Lynn Bohrer.
Dr. Feldman is the stickers doctor I have ever been to. Only after taking many text I.e.MRI, CAT scan, physical exam, only then if you have a legitimate reason found will he treat you. He can and I have witnessed him refusing to treat a fake. I have MS and took monthly drug test for 15 years and now have no one to go to because of the people that abuse their medication but they do not get away with that with Dr. Feldman. This is a terrible situation for people like me and Dr. Feldman is no push over by any means and does not deserves what is happening to him because he has dedicated his life to help people like me. Now I suffer horrible pain that I would not wish on anyone. God will be the final Judge.
So the child's life didn't matter?
[+] Charles W. Whitfield on WALKER v. YELLOW BELLY DRAG STRIP
This is,"THE NEW WORLD ORDER", and in this country, since the last eight years,truth is an obscenity to certain laws.
This man should have no rights. Hes evil and mentally unfit to be among the free world.. He stole from me , lied to me , kicked my door in now has taken away my rights to see my grandchildren. Yes , Im his mom .Ive never been in trouble ! And Im paying a price just for that....God bless us all ...
[+] John Schick on PEOPLE v. OLOBA-AISONY
When I was a Counselor at Chino Prison I had this guy on my caseload. He denied any guilt in his offenses, and stated he had not received a fair trial. No remorse, or insight into his behavior. He got a ten year sentence. I was convinced then as I am now this man continues to pose a significant threat to the community. Why he wasn't deported back to his home country of Ethiopia is anyone's guess.
[+] Tammy L. Jenkins on UNITED STATES v. HARVEY
I cannot bring myself to read this entire case yet. It shattered us all. My family & I grew up in the same house (duplex) as Byron (Buster) Nutbrown & family. Mr Harvey HAD been my fathers friend. The impact of this horror was so far reaching and life altering it changed us all ways possible! Seeing Buster's ( Byron) Mom and his siblings every day worrying and trying to find him, only to discover many months later, the agonizing horror and selfish cruelty of the truth...Not one among us was ever the same. Ernie Harvey ripped open the heart of the Nutbrown family. I am truly amazed by those who haved survived that tornado of heartache!! Tammy L. Jenkins
[+] Cynthia Snowden on PEOPLE v. SWEIGART
I knew Gary Cavelli, as he was a cousin of mine. Darrell Sweigart raped me approximately 5 weeks before the Baun murder. Gary, and my mother didn't believe me as Darrell was "gay". I pray that he is never released
[+] dennis powers/Woody on McCLENDON v. SPOSATO
Denial runs deep in Nassau County's Executive Administration. From the Top County Executive, Indicted on corruption charges, through the Sheriff's Department, to Da's office, who enforce the law, when it comes running Nassau County Correctional Center. Since the1999 beating death of Thomas Pizzuto, former inmate at NCCC who was stomped to death for demanding his medication. The guards at the jail attempted to cover-up the assault by falsifying reports and forcing Thomas Pizzuto to sign a false statement claiming that he fell in the shower. After the conviction of five guards responsible for his death, Nassau County Sheriff's Department entered a Consent Decree mandated by the Federal Government. Since the Consent Decree implementation NCCC has continued it's practices of lie, deny , then justify; maintaining the status quo of defending this regime of abusive guards. What came as a result of the convictions of the five guards NCCC was ordered to take measures to improve safety a
[+] Cassandra Axson on AXSON v. REYNOLDS
Deb Leonard admitted in open court switched my small claims case to federal court on Monday, January 30, 2017. Indiana Statute 34-13-3-5 can sue any person on negligence, I’m eighteen thousand eight hundred seventy-eight dollars below the federal Income poverty Level. I have a permanent disability since birth a missing muscle, other is di-fused into my bone. ALJ would know with looking at the medical records my attorney Tom knight submitted I would have automatically be given full amount of Social Security Disability Insurance.My case brief 1:15-cv-11536 I talk,give reference to a case. Too many people that I’m related to works in the executive branch of our country and don’t know if they can prove I deserve the compensation it can be granted. Everything I have been trying to accomplish on my own, people have interfered for the wrong intentions have been allowed to commit crimes against by fundamental rights in this country. Laws in place not being enforce
[+] Linda Kane Tellez on KENNEDY CON., INC. v. FORMAN
I am the last heir to My granddads land in Galveston , I have the Land patent, and wish to recover the family land Grandfather John J Kane. His patent was never cancelled according to the Feederal BLM.
[+] Diana Thombs on PEOPLE v. HEATON
In other words- dna does not match but no one concluded Stuart was innocent. That is obvious.
[+] David Bruner on AMMEND v. BIOPORT, INC.
I have 10 of the 60 Symptoms of the Anthrax shot. My shot record shows shots from lots FAV041 and FAV048B. The Air Force never filed a VAERS report in 1996 and they re-dated my electronic shot record to 1999 instead of 1996. David Bruner 419th FW Air Force Reserve. I was told by the SLC VA that since I was a traditional reservist with only 1 year of active duty that I did not have a case. They also told me that I could not use any information against the government that I happened to find on the Internet. What might they be afraid of? The Truth? Responsibility for their actions. A class action law suit?
This lawsuit accomplished nothing. Ms Wyble never got a penny and the owner of the school wasn't even slapped on the hand. Total failure of our legal system!