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Ya just watched this episode and previously seen the movie with Samuel Jackson where I believed he played the role of irsie, let me tell you this man is a sick and twisted individual, me personally I wouldn't be able to tolerate behaviour like that, my actions would probably end me up in prison, I was always taught fight fire with fire, so everything he would do to me I would do right back to him probably worse if he did anything to my children, so in closing I hope that no one would ever have to deal with anything like this, this here is something that could ruin people's lives and families, man like this better hope to not cross my path it would not end the same that's for sure
[+] SD on U.S. v. MILLAN
As to danger: The nature of the charged offense, his extensive criminal history combined with his 15 probation violations, and the fact that he engaged in the charged offenses between 2008 and 2012, separately and collectively establish that "Defendant is a recidivist and career criminal." What a joke of a person. Still living out of your moms house & more con jobs right?
[+] Ben Harris on PEOPLE v. TUCKER
im so sorry for what happened she was actually my grandma she had a daughter which is my mom her name is joslin only if i could of seen my grandma i bet she was nice i wish you guys could send me pictures or something so i could see her my aunt beverly said she was a nice lady she loved listening to music
[+] SD Hawn on U.S. v. LISTER
What is this case about? I received an email concerning the fact I could be a victim in this case and don't recall receiving any prior notice about this case or recall this man's name.