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The USCA 19-3628 GRANTED Plaintiff's Appeal from USDC 2:18-cv-9818 as timely filed, DOC [40]. USDC engaged to tamper with submitted federal evidence attachments filed in Docket. Foreclosure court Case No. 13-CV9818 ordered proceed Distribution CHECK be made payable to "successor trustee of the Helen L. Mustric IRR Trust. edit need note it is not HIS TRUST; Mustric argued with Sheriff Clerk that inspected Check found CHECK payable to "Thomas Mustric" as if in his personal capacity. The 13DR2678 an outside Court, without and DENIED jurisdiction issued its own jurisdiction in ENTRY to obtain original official CHECK, to make counterfeit forged endorsement and with ENTY deposited CHECK into Court's temporarily assigned GAL to "Thomas Mustric" seek smooth transfer. Mustric had argued with Sheriff Clerk that litigants are trusts, to reissued CHECK "Thomas Mustric Trustee;
what are the procedures the court must take to allow a person to represent themselves in court. does the court have to make sure they are mentally competent. can a mentally ill person represent themself?
[+] Tedward on U.S. v. ZHAO
He did something bad but a soft hearted youtuber who plays minecraft mostly just cant handle prison for more than 5 years but hes still gonna be in there for another 2 years.
[+] Chandru.M on INTEREST OF E.G.
I want to get the hall ticket
[+] Chandru.M on INTEREST OF E.G.
I want to get my hall ticket download
Secretary to O J McCullough. I could write a book
[+] Jonathan Bryant on ROBERTS v. BLUE WORLD POOLS, INC.
I have been paying 300 a month for 6 years and called blue world pool and was told I still owe over 15K I Need info on getting a lawyer or in this
[+] Jose ceja on PEOPLE v. VALENCIA
Im the one that got cought with the six pounds but all of this didnt go the way it says
[+] Dawn on CLARK v. NOBLE
I feel with all the testimony that was given when I watch the show reasonable doubt that he is an ass or man and he should just be pardoned and let out
[+] Jonathan Garcia on PEOPLE v. MOORE
I was previously incarcerated with this man if you let his define who he his than were just being judgmental because I’ve known this man for a few years now and he’s got one the the biggest hearts out there he helps people in need he’s very positive and he’s accepted his punishment please understand that people change within hand I believe in my heart that this man has changed thank you
[+] Dennis Ristow on RISTOW v. DICK
I’m the father if Brent Ristow. Brent did tell me that he did cross over centerline. This took place in my living room several months after this case. He was quite smug about getting the ticket thrown out. I was pissed that this incident my have contributed to the office loosing his job.
[+] Henry Bingham on PEOPLE v. STROUTH
He is a monster. He raped my fiancee last week.
[+] Sherry Lewis on ROBERTS v. BLUE WORLD POOLS, INC.
I was all excited to brag about my installer and went to find Blue World Pools review page. What happened I find this page with so many negative comments, which prompted me to thoroughly read my contract. I only just signed to get back to work. Everything everyone has complained about is true. I agreed to get the pool on 4th of July and install was pushed back due to the weather. I asked this week not out a second mortgage or lien on my house and was advised, NO. All throughout the hardcopy contract it is stating putting a lien on my home. I admittedly composed a cancelation letter. I would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories and alerting me to read, read and read.
I'm going through a lot here try to get a lawyer to help me in my case cancel Coca-Cola refreshment USA as I was speaking I'm still reaching out to lawyer in state of Florida C line number in state of Florida don't want to help me what is Sarah case that I have cancer Coca-Cola refreshments in the state of Florida I don't understand why nobody want to help a person like me that I've been deny my rights to fight for my life and my family as I'm speaking right now the apartment that right now I'm living in right now I'll get rid lose this apartment cuz I'm not working cuz right now I got to a serious he'll problem my house right now tryna got a serious high blood pressure I went to Broward General Plantation Hospital at Florida Mall Hospital each one of the hospital told me I posed to be there with a high blood pressure way away Beyond passing limit for the high blood pressure I had a lady doctor and the man doctor hole saw me and it around look at each other the Mad Doctor has spoke to
Somebody in charge went as low as stealing documents off the docket to make it look like I was a lier or crazy. The ADA claim was also based on the fact that probration and the school district required me to give them a diagnosis before I knew what I'd be diagnosed with and more. The agreement ESD& JPO had was a slave track. When I requested information on the agreement/contract I noticed that it did not meet the standard of a valid contract. I can't believe how I went to federal court house, presented that evidence and they ignored it. That quasi contract ruined my life. I hate I encountered them. I went to school so I could live a better life and went nothing. But under every since I them. They torchered and tratraumatied me. Why are changing yesterday without telling me. They did so much I can't tell it all. I didn't have it in me to make that stuff up. Voltaire, atheism, don't confuse me with fact. Who does that. They are rootless people. They Looted my life. Erie is evil
The judge did not specifically tell me that I needed to go back to the EEOC. He told me do do it over and that's what I did. I already had a title VII right to sue. Somebody, I don't know who got into my home and stole documents I submitted to court. I'm left in riduculousness. They need to find a different way to measure. Immunity is wrong. It allows the harm to keep happening. I want my 11 years back. When you take a single (womans)money and her way to make money with it. You have sentenced her to hard labor, punishment, hopelessness hard times and more hard times. I have to write this because it's necessary. The contract should never be silent especially when it's this LOUD! They had permission to do what they wanted to do. That's why my supervisor told me on On hundreds of e-mails"Don't confuse him with the facts his mind was made up" He also told me that the idea of government was to take as much money from one group of people and give it to another. (Untrustworthy)
Nobody fights this hard for a lie. Erie pa was marked the worst place for black people to live in America but the court ignored that too. I lived in Erie all my days I know it's bad but didn't know just how bad it really is! Merciless.! We need new courts. They should have a court of understanding where they hear both views verbally. I was fighting for my life . They waisted my time. Placed me in harm's way, sacrificed my freedom and the courts don't see nothing wrong. I'm scared!! My case in federal court was closed without prejudice. Somebody found the need to change history at my expense and close it with prejudice This job took my livelihood, joy and peace and gave me confusion and tears for years. And just a note... Anytime an officer comes to a scene, the first question they ask is who. I named all of my assailants if you read the briefs or even got information from the EEOC
Is this suit still in progress or has it been deceided? I have these exact shingles on my home of 13 years. I've already had to replace the ones on the front of the house about four years ago, and they have cupped, split, and overall faed again. I've just learned of this class action suit today. Can. Someone tell me if it's active or settled?
[+] Shanella bacon on COTTON v. CHASE AUTO FINANCE CORP.
This transatction is fraudulent
stalking conduct by Lebe Twerski, defendant is still engaged in the criminalization of my family as of today August ,2021.
[+] Mike Mord on UNITED STATES v. POLZIN
Glad to know that worm is locked up. Can't wait for him to do ample time. He also scammed hundreds of people around the globe who he did tax returns for. Including myself. Join the FB group Victims of James/Ted Polzin. He claimed to be a CPA and was not. After he is convicted of the current criminal charges he has pending the group will start bringing additional charges against him for fraud. PS. Do you have any resources to help me get a address and inmate number so I can write to him from Ukraine. Respectively Mike Mord
Need to talk to my class mate
[+] Savannah Casimiri on UNITED STATES v. CASIMIRI
My dad, Douglas Casimiri is the best dad and person I’ve ever known and has always been there for me. My mother, Kimberee Klein Casimiri has always been an abusive alcoholic and drug addict. She was never there for me. My mother has tried to stab my dad on multiple occasions and tried to kill herself in front of me and my sister multiple times. She has been in and out of mental hospitals, jail, and rehabs but still nothing has changed. My dad would never hurt anyone he is the only one I have and I could ever imagine losing him he is my best friend.
[+] Mark Jeffrey Mode on STATE v. GILLIAM
Donald Theo Gilliam needs to be in Prison for his crimes. I hope, that his Family knows that.
[+] Angie Rose on PEOPLE v. DICKEY
Good for Michigan! He is a bad person. Selling drugs to kids and killing women!! I know he killed my daughter by giving her drugs just before this arrest. Rot in jail!